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Air Core has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2010 and has been involved with the development of over 50MW of wind energy sites in Northern Ireland.
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A mixture of large and small-scale wind along with 70Kw of hydro power and 70Kw of solar power installations. Air Core has recently completed the buildout of its 5MW small wind portfolio and continues to hold an interest in a number of large wind projects which are currently under development. Air Core continue to look for investment opportunities within the renewable energy sector across the UK and Ireland.

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Providing green energy solutions for a fresher future


The interactive map below shows the geographic spread of the Air Core wind energy assets across Northern Ireland. Air Core wanted to ensure its commitment to development of wind energy in Ireland was not to the detriment of others so each site under went a stringent screening process during selection and development.

Each turbine site was carefully selected for its favourable wind yield potential but also importantly to ensure minimal environmental impact on its surroundings.

Our Services
Air Core Asset Management

Providing Renewable Energy Asset Management and Maintenance Management on renewable energy sites.

Over the last ten years, Air Core have been involved with renewable asset management on wind, solar, and hydro-projects working with stakeholders at each stage of the renewable energy development process.


 This extensive experience has provided Air Core with the expertise required to deliver the most dynamic and responsive services to you and your renewable energy assets.

We understand that renewable energy assets need professional management to improve generator availability which in turn will optimise performance, maximum returns, and increase value for their owners.

For most renewable asset owners carrying the necessary expertise, in-house is not always viable and  that is where we can support you.

We can manage your asset’s operation, maintenance, and performance through the following available services:

    • Financial Management
    • Commercial and Financial Control
    • Ofgem submissions
    • Yield management
    • Analysis & Reporting on Yield Performance
    • Stakeholder Management (Internal & External to the site)
    • Contract Management (Turbine & Third Parties)
    • Site Maintenance Management (Turbine & Third Parties)
    • Site Performance – Analysis of variances
    • Monitoring and Monthly reporting
    • Site Audits
    • Repowering project management
    • Project development and management

We are actively looking to acquire operational renewable energy assets and would be delighted to discuss your generation site, and complete a no obligation  valuation for you to consider.

If you are interested in our comprehensive and cost-effective services please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements further.

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Managing Director

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Project Manager

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